Is IV Therapy Covered by Insurance?

June 12, 2024

Overview of IV Therapy and Its Increasing Popularity

IV therapy has gained significant popularity in recent years as a fast and effective way to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and hydration directly into the bloodstream. This method is often used for a variety of purposes, including boosting energy levels, improving hydration, and providing rapid nutrient replenishment. The goal of this blog post is to answer and clarify questions such as: “is IV therapy covered by insurance?

The Importance of Understanding Insurance Coverage for Medical Treatments

When considering IV therapy, it’s crucial to understand how it fits into your overall healthcare plan and whether it will be covered by your insurance. Knowing this can help you plan for any potential out-of-pocket expenses and make informed decisions about your health and wellness treatments.

IV Therapy is Generally Not Covered by Insurance

Medical insurance paperwork for IV therapy coverage

Reviewing medical insurance paperwork for IV therapy coverage

Despite its benefits, IV therapy is generally not covered by insurance. Most insurance providers classify it as a non-essential or elective treatment, similar to other wellness and preventive services.

Understanding IV Therapy 

Definition and Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy involves the administration of fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into a vein. This method allows for immediate absorption and provides rapid relief and benefits, including improved hydration, enhanced nutrient levels, and faster recovery from various ailments.

Mobile IV Therapy Services by Uplift IV Wellness

Uplift IV Wellness offers mobile IV therapy services, bringing the benefits of IV therapy directly to your home or preferred location. This service provides a convenient and personalized approach to health and wellness, making it easier to fit IV therapy into your busy schedule.

Common Uses for IV Therapy (Hydration, Nutrient Replenishment, Symptom Relief)

Common uses for IV therapy include:

  • Hydration: Quickly replenishing fluids and electrolytes in cases of dehydration.
  • Nutrient Replenishment: Delivering essential vitamins and minerals to improve overall health and address deficiencies.
  • Symptom Relief: Alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, and hangovers.

Why IV Therapy is Not Covered by Insurance

Explanation of Insurance Policies Regarding Elective Treatments

Insurance providers usually cover treatments they deem medically necessary. They often exclude elective treatments, which aren’t essential for maintaining basic health. Since IV therapy is primarily a wellness treatment, providers categorize it as elective.

Classification of IV Therapy as a Non-Essential or Wellness Treatment

Insurance companies classify IV therapy as a non-essential treatment because people often use it for wellness purposes rather than addressing critical health conditions. They generally do not consider treatments that enhance well-being, improve energy levels, or provide preventative care as essential.

Comparison to Other Elective Treatments Not Typically Covered by Insurance

Insurance typically does not cover IV therapy, similar to other elective treatments such as cosmetic procedures, spa treatments, and alternative therapies. Although these treatments are beneficial, providers view them as non-essential, making them an out-of-pocket expense.

Instances Where IV Therapy Might Be Covered By Insurance

Medical Necessity for Specific Conditions

In some cases, insurance might cover IV therapy if it is deemed medically necessary. Conditions such as malabsorption syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and certain gastrointestinal disorders may require IV therapy as part of the treatment plan. These conditions prevent the body from absorbing nutrients effectively through the digestive tract, making IV therapy essential for maintaining proper nutrient levels.

Situations Involving Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

IV therapy can also be covered by insurance when it is part of a comprehensive treatment plan, such as for cancer treatment. Patients undergoing chemotherapy may require IV therapy for hydration and to receive medications or nutrients that help manage side effects and improve overall health during treatment.

Importance of Consulting with an Insurance Provider for Specific Policy Details

Given the variability in insurance coverage, it is crucial to consult with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your policy. Each provider and plan may have different criteria for what constitutes medical necessity, and understanding these details can help you navigate potential coverage for IV therapy.

Costs of IV Therapy When Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Mobile IV therapy setup showing personalized care

Mobile IV therapy setup by Uplift IV Wellness

Breakdown of Typical Costs for IV Therapy Sessions

The cost of IV therapy can vary widely depending on the type of treatment and the provider. At Uplift IV Wellness, for example, pricing for IV therapy sessions can range from $250 to $350 per session. 

Treatments from Uplift IV Wellness

  • Hangover Lifted: $255 (B complex, B12, magnesium)
  • Uplift Immunity: $285 (Vitamin C, Zinc, B-complex, B12)
  • Uplifted Athlete: $295 (Amino Acids, Mineral Blend, Magnesium, B complex, B12)
  • Uplifted Meyers: $300 (Vitamin C, Magnesium, B-Complex, B12)
  • Uplift Beauty: $265 (B-complex, Vitamin C, Biotin)

Vitamin Injections

  • Vitamin D: $40
  • Vitamin B12: $30


  • Glutathione: $55
  • Toradol: $30
  • Zofran: $25

IV Drip Packages

4 IV Drips: $999
5 IV Drips: $1,199
6 IV Drips: $1,399


  • Monthly Membership: $250/month

Factors Influencing the Cost of IV Therapy Without Insurance 

Several factors influence the cost of IV therapy, including:

  • Type of Treatment: The specific nutrients, vitamins, or medications included in the IV drip.
  • Location: Prices may vary based on the geographic location and the cost of living in that area.
  • Provider: Different providers may have varying pricing structures based on their expertise, reputation, and the services they offer.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Regular IV Therapy Sessions

Without insurance coverage, patients must pay out-of-pocket for IV therapy sessions. Regular treatments can add up, so it’s important to consider the financial commitment. Some providers, like Uplift IV Wellness, may offer packages or membership programs that provide discounts for multiple sessions, making it more affordable for those who require regular IV therapy.

Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy Despite Lack of Insurance Coverage

Convenience of At-Home Treatments

One of the significant benefits of mobile IV therapy is the convenience of receiving treatments in the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the need for travel and waiting times, making it easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Personalized Care and Customized Treatments

Mobile IV therapy offers personalized care tailored to your specific health needs. Treatments can be customized with various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to address individual health concerns, ensuring you receive the most effective therapy for your condition.

Immediate Results and Efficiency Compared to Traditional Healthcare Settings

Mobile IV therapy provides immediate results by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for quicker absorption. This efficiency makes it an excellent option for rapid rehydration, nutrient replenishment, and symptom relief, offering faster recovery compared to traditional oral supplements.

Summary of Key Points Regarding IV Therapy and Insurance Coverage

In summary, while IV therapy is generally not covered by insurance, it remains a valuable treatment for many health and wellness needs. Understanding your insurance policy and exploring alternative payment options are crucial steps in planning for IV therapy.

Emphasis on the Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy for Health and Wellness

Despite the lack of insurance coverage, the benefits of mobile IV therapy, including convenience, personalized care, and immediate results, make it a worthwhile investment in your health and wellness. Schedule a consultation with Uplift IV Wellness today to explore how mobile IV therapy can benefit your health and wellness.